‘Shows for Days’ (Irene): “I tell you, it’s never one thing”

Monologue from the play, Shows for Days

'Shows for Days' by Douglas Carter Beane

From: Play

Type: Dramatic

Character: Irene is the main force behind the local community theatre. She's in her 50's but doesn't act like it.

Gender: Female

Age Range: 50's

Summary: Irene has just been served divorce papers.

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IRENE: That’s not – (She looks the other way. Car stares at her. A moment. She seems shaken by this.) That should not have been on the pile. That was – it was crazy your opening, flowers and cards—champagne even –well Cold Duck – and a very elegant man handed me this envelope and I said, “Bless you, darling” and he said. “You’ve been served,” and the rest is a blur. Ben is divorcing me little Car, that’s what this envelope means.

I tell you, it’s never one thing. It’s always a whole pack of wolves that bring the fawn down. It’s not just this mall that’s killing this town. It’s the incompetence. It’s – white people afraid of brown people. It’s the changing times. It’s cars instead of trollies. It’s never just money that kills theater, it’s the almost-creative weighing in, it’s the culture, it’s real estate. And it’s never the affair that kills the marriage. It’s the years of neglect, it’s the – mornings you have nothing to say to one another. It’s – Sorry. I tell you, Car, it’s never one thing.

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