‘Regarding Henry’ (Sarah)

Regarding Henry monologue

‘Regarding Henry’ by Jeffrey Abrams

From: Movie

Type: Dramedy

Character: Sarah Turner, "New York beautiful"

Gender: Female

Age Range: 30's

Summary: When calculating attorney Henry Turner receives a bullet in the head during a robbery, he loses all memory and identity. When he recovers, he is child-like, if not simple-minded, but he has lost his mean-spiritedness and becomes a more compassionate being.

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SARAH: (smiles) Chris Lonner’s birthday party. You were a hot young lawyer… and I was working in research at the New York Times. (a beat) I was standing at the doorway smoking a cigarette… back when I used to smoke… and you just came up to me. “I’m Henry,” you said. “And you’re beautiful.”

Well that made me completely self-conscious… you had such a confidence. You just… drew me in. We talked for hours, ignored everyone. It seemed we had everything in common… (a beat) Then the guy you were with wanted to go, and as you left you handed me your business card and said, “Have you ever eaten blowfish? Cause I know this great blowfish place.” (smiles) You made me laugh. And I knew we’d go out… I knew we’d start seeing each other… and somehow I knew we’d get married.


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