‘Network’ (Hackett): “I want you out of your office before noon or I’ll have you thrown out”

Monologues from the Movie, Network

NETWORK by Paddy Chayefsky

From: Movie

Type: Dramatic

Character: Frank Hackett, the "new cool" Executive Senior Vice President of UBS

Gender: Male

Age Range: 30's | 40's | 50's

Summary: Hackett showing his new dominance, fires Max.

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HACKETT: I got a hit, Schumacher, and Ruddy doesn’t count any more. He was hoping I’d fall on my face with this Beale show, but I didn’t. It’s a big, fat, big-t—d hit, and I don’t have to waffle around with Ruddy any more. If he wants to take me up before the C.C. and A. board, let him. And do you think Ruddy’s stupid enough to go to the CCA board and say: “I’m taking our one hit show off the air?” And comes November Fourteen, I’m going to be standing up there at the annual CCA management review meeting, and I’m going to announce projected earnings for this network for the first time in five years. And, believe me, Mr. Jensen will be sitting there rocking back and forth in his little chair, and he’s going to say: “That’s very good, Frank, keep it up.” So don’t have any illusions about who’s running this network from now on. You’re fired. I want you out of your office before noon or I’ll have you thrown out.

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