‘Network’ (Diana): “Will you go back to your wife?”

DIANA: I think the time has come, Max, to re-evaluate our relationship. I don’t like the way this script of ours is turning out. This whole thing started out as a comedy, remember? Now, it’s turning into a seedy little drama. Middle-aged man leaves wife and family for young heartless woman, goes to pot. The Blue Angel with Marlene Dietrich and Emil Jannings. I don’t like it.

The simple fact is you’re a family man, Max. You like a home and kids, and that’s beautiful. But I’m incapable of any such commitment. All you’ll get from me is another couple of months of intermittent sex and recriminate and ugly little scenes like the one we had last night. I’m sorry for all those vicious things I said to you last night. You’re not the worst f— I’ve ever had. Believe me, I’ve had worse. And you don’t puff and snorkle and make death-like rattles. As a matter of fact, you’re rather serene in the sack.

I’m sorry I impugned your cocksmanship. You’re being docile as hell about this. Will you go back to your wife?

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