‘Monster’ (Aileen): “I’ll bet nobody’s talked to him like that in his life”

AILEEN: So I flung all his s— around, told him to f— himself and kiss my sweet a— and pheewww… out the door. I’ll bet nobody’s talked to him like that in his life. Man, it was great… Office jobs! S—, who even wants a job like that? F—n’ sit at a desk, blah, blah, blah, eat a— all the time. See before, hooking I thought I was just seeing this one side of men but it’s all the same. Whether you’re working with ‘em or they’re f—ing you. It’s all about f—ing you, one way or the other… and lying… And see that’s some bad s— cause actually you know what? I’ve been thinking about this – our real problem here goes way further than just one on one, you know what I’m saying? I’m seriously concerned on a larger level about the state of our world!? And why; same s—… You got politics, business – war and it’s all the same as the c— braggin and fighting on the street. Either way it’s cause men got a small d— or some power complex? Like in the bible, the two sexes, god makes one the right way: women – but with the men here we’ve got a fatal flaw. Procreation: f—… and on the other side here you’ve got technology. You see what I’m saying?

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