‘Kill the Messenger’ (Meneses)

MENESES: A five iron. It is perfectly designed to pull off any shot, if you use it properly. A tool that can carve its way through any shot necessary. It can even slice a man open if you know how to use it properly.

It’s easy to think this is only about drugs. But from our point of view, consider what would have happened if the Contra movement had no friends, no money. If we lost and the Communists won. The government tells us what we can say, think, and do for a living. Know your history, Mr. Webb. Cambodia, East Germany, Cuba. If you were me, would you sit still and watch your children be forced into lives of irrelevance and servitude?

We sell what we have. Americans don’t want bananas and coconuts. They want cocaine. And I know where to get cocaine. My pilots are already flying between Central America and the U.S. They are Americans. They know where to land, where not to land. If I’m in the CIA and I’m sent overseas to risk my life doing something illegal, I’d want someone like me to help do the job.

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