‘Jaws’ (Hooper): “Understand you’re having a little shark trouble”

Monologues from the Movie Jaws

JAWS by Peter Benchley

From: Movie

Type: Dramatic

Character: Matt Hooper, a young oceanographer who has always been fascinated with sharks.

Gender: Male

Age Range: 20's

Summary: Hooper tries to convince Brody that they can help each other in finding the shark.

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HOOPER: Understand you’re having a little shark trouble. I know you have a visitor off your southern shores. I think it could be my shark. I’m interning at the American Museum of Natural History, but the Oceanographic Research Institute in South Africa is co-sponsoring my thesis paper arm in arm with the Natural Institute of Health and the Marine Fishery Service. I’m trying to prove that the shark that killed Christine Watkins last Friday was the same rogue that savaged these. (Hooper pushes a mimeographed sheet in front of Brody. About twenty names and addresses in all. His excitement multiplying as he goes on) The trail of a rogue shark leads all over the world.  This is only a theory.  It has never been authenticated, but there is a wonderful chance that the shark that killed the Watkins girl and the man-eater I tagged off the Great Barrier Reef are the one and the same.  Off and on I’ve tracked it to New Zealand, Santiago Bay, Cape Town South Africa… uh … the Gulf of Guinea, then West Palm Beach, Florida last December — and finally predicted it would follow the warming Gulf Stream into the Northern Seasonal Zones, and release an attack pattern along the Jersey Coast.  I was off by just three hundred miles. It hit you instead. All I’m asking is for a little future cooperation. I could predict future outbursts of attack activity in the area.  Use me… Let me use you.

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