‘In the Next Room’ (Catherine Givings)

In the Next Room (or the Vibrator Play) monologues

'In the Next Room (Or the Vibrator Play)' by Sarah Ruhl

From: Play

Type: Dramedy

Character: Mrs. Givings, Dr. Givings’ wife. She's impulsive, energetic, curious and quick to react. Has an innocence and a desire for adventure.

Gender: Female

Age Range: 20's

Summary: 'In the Next Room (or the vibrator play)' is a comedy about marriage, intimacy, and electricity. Set in the 1880s at the dawn of the age of electricity and based on the bizarre historical fact that doctors used vibrators to treat ‘hysterical’ women (and some men), the play centers on a doctor and his wife and how his new therapy affects their entire household.

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CATHERINE GIVINGS: Do you want more children, Elizabeth? That is a tactless question, you don’t need to answer, forgive me, sometimes I say whatever is in my head.

I want more children and my husband desperately wants more children but I am afraid of another birth, aren’t you? When I have birth I remember so clearly, the moment her head was coming out of my body, I thought: why would any rational creature do this twice, knowing what I know now? And then she came out and clambered right on to my breast and tried to eat me, she was so hungry, so hungry it terrified me – her hunger. And I thought: is that the first emotion? Hunger? And not hunger for food but wanting to eat other people? Specifically one’s mother? And then I thought – isn’t it strange, isn’t it strange about Jesus? That is to say, about Jesus being a man? For it is women who are eaten – who turn their bodies into food – I have up my blood – there was so much blood – and I gave up my body – but I couldn’t feed her, could not turn my body into food, and she was so hungry. I suppose that makes me an inferior kind of woman and a very inferior kind of Jesus.

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