‘Harvey’ (Lofgren): “Listen, lady, I’ve been drivin’ this route 15 years”

Monologues from Mary Chase's Play Harvey

HARVEY by Mary Chase

From: Play

Type: Dramedy

Character: E.J. Lofgren, a cab driver who brings passengers to and from the sanitarium.

Gender: Male

Age Range: 30's | 40's | 50's | 60's

Summary: Lofgren, the local cab driver, tells Veta what will happen to Elwood if he stays at the sanitarium.

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LOFGREN: Listen, lady, I’ve been drivin’ this route 15 years. I’ve brought ‘em out here to get their injections, and then drove’ em back after they got it. It changes ‘em. On the way out here, they sit back and enjoy the ride. They talk to me.  Sometimes we stop and watch the sunsets and look at birds flying. Sometimes we stop and watch the birds when there ain’t no birds and look at the sunsets when it’s rainin’. We have a swell time, and I always get a big tip. But afterwards… huh uh!  They crab, crab, crab. They yell at me to watch the lights, watch the brakes, watch the intersection. They scream at me to hurry. They got no faith in me or my cab, yet it’s the same cab, same driver, same road. It’s no fun… and no tips. Lady, after this he’ll be a perfectly normal human being… and you know what bastards they are. I’ll be out in my cab.

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