‘Harvey’ (Elwood): “Aunt Ethel, I want you to meet Harvey”

Monologues from Mary Chase's Play Harvey

HARVEY by Mary Chase

From: Play

Type: Comedic

Character: Elwood P. Dowd, a well-mannered, friendly and charming eccentric whose best friend is Harvey, an invisible six-foot-tall rabbit.

Gender: Male

Age Range: 20's | 30's | 40's

Summary: Elwood introduces Aunt Ethel to Harvey, his invisible rabbit.

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ELWOOD: Aunt Ethel, I want you to meet Harvey.  As you can see, he’s a Pooka. (To HARVEY) Harvey, you’ve often heard me speak of Mrs. Chauvenet.  We always called her Aunt Ethel.  She’s one of my oldest and dearest friends.  (Listens.) Yes—yes—that’s right—she’s the one. (ETHEL looks around wildly.) Harvey said he would have known you anywhere. Now come along, Harvey.  We must say hello to the rest of the guest.  (Bows to Ethel.)  I beg your pardon, Aunt Ethel. (Puts his hands on her arm.) You are standing in his way.  (To HARVEY) Come along, Harvey. (He watches Harvey cross to the door.) Huh-uh (He straightens Harvey’s tie and takes a speck of dirt off his suit coat.)  You look fine.  Now go right on in. (Elwood turns back to Ethel.) Aunt Ethel, I can see you’re disturbed about Harvey.  Please don’t be.  He stares like that at everyone.  It’s his way.  But he liked you.  I could tell. He liked you very much.

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