‘Hallpass’ (Rick)

RICK: Yes, she did, but… look, you’re insanely beautiful and pathologically sexy and every cell in my body is telling me to just do this, but– (Rick points to his chest.) See this area, this spot right here? The first time Maggie and I slept together, back in college, she fell asleep right here. And she left a puddle of drool. And it didn’t bother me. It actually felt good. That’s when I knew I was going to marry her. (beat) And when my kids–Emma and Gunnar-­ when they were babies, this is where they slept. Or sometimes at four o’clock in the morning Emma would just lay there and stare up at me. It was where we first got to know each other. (beat) So I’m sorry, Leigh, but as amazing as I think you are … I gotta go home.

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