‘Hairspray’ (Tracy): “Why do they have to be so mean?”

Monologues from Hairspray the Musical

HAIRSPRAY the MUSICAL by Thomas Meehan & Mark O’Donnell

From: Musical

Type: Comedic

Character: Tracy Turnblad is confident, talented, and incredibly determined. A romantic with a good heart and desire to cut up the dance floor.

Gender: Female

Age Range: Late Teens

Summary: Tracy is tired of hearing she can't do things all the time.

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TRACY: Why do they have to be so mean? “You’re short, you’re stout, you’re not Council material.” I wear the latest fashions, I keep up with all the styles. I’m teasing my hair as high as I can! (She sprays her hair with hairspray) Will they give me a chance? Encouragement? Appreciation? No, all I ever hear is… Detention! Is there no pity for a teen just trying to fit in.

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