‘Hairspray’ (Link): “Oh, Tracy, seeing you dragged off to jail brought me back to my senses”

Monologues from Hairspray the Musical

HAIRSPRAY the MUSICAL by Thomas Meehan & Mark O’Donnell

Type: Comedic

Gender: Male

From: Musicals

One Minute Monologue: One Minute Monologue

Age Range: Teens

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LINK: Oh, Tracy, seeing you dragged off to jail brought me back to my senses.  I thought I’d lose it when I thought I lost you.  I couldn’t eat, I couldn’t sing.  I couldn’t even concentrate. So I went down to the station to tell Mrs. Von Tussle I was through with the Miss Hairspray broadcast… When I got to the station I overheard Mrs. Von Tussle talking to Spritzer. Tracy, it’s Amber the talent scouts are coming to see.  It had nothing to do with me. All this time I thought Amber and I were a team.  She and her mother were just using me to make her look popular.  I feel like such an idiot. (suddenly romantic) I know a palooka like me isn’t worthy of a ground breaking extremist like you, but… (he produces his ring) …It’s a little scuffed from Amber throwing it in my face when I told her I’d rather be with you. So, would you consider wearing my ring? “To lose thee were to lose myself.”  Some kid named Milton wrote that in the third floor boys room.

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