‘Footloose: The Musical’ (Shaw): “And I ask myself, “Why does our Lord allow this?”

Monologues from Footloose the musical

'Footloose: The Musical' by Dean Pitchford & Walter Bobbie

From: Musical

Type: Dramatic

Character: Reverend Shaw Moore is the most powerful person in town. He is a strict, solemn man who is also charismatic and charming.

Gender: Male

Age Range: 40's | 50's | 60's

Summary: Reverand Moore preaches to his congregation, telling them that they are being tested.

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SHAW: I took the long way to church this morning, down past the old creek. I heard birds chirping and our own choir warming up in the distance. I was reminded of a line from our great poet, Walt Whitman, who wrote, “I hear America singing.” And I thought, “Aren’t we the song that we sing? Don’t we lift our voices to tell the world who we are? And what we believe?” So I ask you this morning – what song are you singing?

But if Walt Whitman were alive today, what song would he hear America singing? When I turn on television, all I hear is the music of easy sexuality and relaxed morals. I hear rock and roll and the endless chant of pornography. And I ask myself, “Why does our Lord allow this?” We know God has the power to turn all those records and books and videos into one big fiery cinder like… (Clapping his hands before a sleeping boy.) …that! (The BOY startles awake.) But He doesn’t. And why? Because God is testing us. He’s watching to see whether we’ll choose his path. And that is why, every day, we must ask ourselves: “Have I done the right thing?”

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