‘Fences’ (Gabriel): “St. Peter got your name in the book”

GABRIEL: I’ll take some biscuits. You got some biscuits? Did you know when I was in heaven… every morning me and St. Peter would sit down by the gate and eat some big fat biscuits? Oh, yeah! We had us a good time. We’d sit there and eat us them biscuits and then St. Peter would go off to sleep and tell me to wake him up when it’s time to open the gates for judgement. Troy… St. Peter got your name in the book. I seen it. It say… Troy Maxson. I say… I know him! He got the same name like what I got. That’s my brother! Ain’t got my name in the book. Don’t have to have my name. I done died and went to heaven. He got your name though. One morning St. Peter was looking at his book… marking it up for the judgement… and he let me see your name. Got it in there under M. Got Rose’s name… I ain’t seen it like I seen yours… but I know it’s in there. He’s got a great big book. Got everybody’s name what was ever been born. That’s what he told me. But I seen your name. Seen it with my own eyes.

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