‘Fences’ (Cory): “I can’t drag Papa with me everywhere I go”

Monologues from the August Wilson classic, Fences

FENCES by August Wilson

From: Play

Type: Dramatic

Character: Cory is Troy and Rose's teenage son who is being recruited to play college football.

Gender: Male

Age Range: Late Teens

Summary: Cory tells Rose that he wants to be more than his father.

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CORY: Mama… listen… I can’t drag Papa with me everywhere I go. I’ve got to say no to him. One time in my life I’ve got to say no. The whole time I was growing up… living in his house… Papa was like a shadow that followed you everywhere. It weighed on you and sunk into your flesh. It would wrap around you and lay there until you couldn’t tell which one was you anymore. That shadow digging in your flesh. Trying to crawl in. Trying to live through you. Everywhere I looked, Troy Maxson was staring back at me… hiding under the bed… in the closet. I’m just saying I’ve got to find a way to get rid of that shadow, Mama. I don’t want to be Troy Maxson. I want to be me.

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