‘Election’: Paul Asks Tammy for Advice

'Election' by Alexander Payne and Jim Taylor

From: Movie

Type: Comedic

Character: Paul, a dim high school student who is running against Tracy Flick for class president

Gender: Male

Age Range: Teens | Late Teens

Summary: Paul asks Tammy, his frustrated sister, for advice

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PAUL: Yeah.  Oh, one more thing. Tammy. You know, all this election stuff. ‘Cause, you know, everyone is saying it’s so weird that you’re running against me, and, well, it is kind of weird, and you haven’t really told me why you’re doing it and didn’t tell me in advance or anything.  But that’s okay, you know. l respect your privacy.  I just want you to know that no matter who wins, if it’s you or me, there’s no hard feelings. We’re still brother and sister.  Okay? Cause… and I hope you feel the same.

Okay. Great. I feel good. (Paul is about to leave again but…) Oh.  Oh. Yeah. Right. One other thing.  Since you know Lisa so well, could you give me some advice? I want to get her something for helping me with the election.  You know something really special — like flowers or candy or flowers and candy.  Or is that too typical?  I mean, can you think of something? Something really special? You know something she’d really like?

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