‘Election’: Paul Prays About the Upcoming Election

'Election' by Alexander Payne and Jim Taylor

From: Movie

Type: Comedic

Character: Paul, a dim high school student who is running against Tracy Flick for class president

Gender: Male

Age Range: Teens | Late Teens

Summary: Paul is praying about the upcoming schol election, among other things.

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PAUL: Dear God, thank You for all your blessings.  You have given me so many things, like good health, nice parents, a nice truck, and what I’ve been told is a large penis, and I’m very grateful. But I sure am worried about Tammy.  In my heart I still can’t believe she tore down my posters, but sometimes she does get so weird and angry.  Please help her be a happier person, because she’s so smart and sensitive, and I love her. Also, I’m nervous about the election tomorrow, and I guess I want to win and all, but I know that’s totally up to You. You’ll decide who the best person is, and I’ll accept it.  And forgive my sins, whatever they may be. Amen.

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