‘Danny and the Deep Blue Sea’ (Roberta): “I can’t stay like I am!”

ROBERTA: I can’t stay like I am! I can’t stay in this f— head anymore! If I don’t get outta this f— head I’m gonna go crazy! I could eat glass! I could put my hand inna fire an watch the f— thing burn and I still wouldn’t be outta this f— head!

What am I gonna do? What? I can’t close my eyes, man. I can’t close my eyes and see the things I see. I’m still in that house! I wouldn’t a believed it but I’m still in that house. He’s there and I’m there. And my kid. Who’s nuts already.

It’s like, what could happen now? You know? What else could happen? But somethin’s gotta. I feel like the day’s gonna come when I could just put out my arm and fire and lightning will come outta my hand and burn up everything for a thousand miles!

It ain’t right to feel as much as I feel.

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