‘Cry-Baby: The Musical’ (Baldwin): “Well done, Junior Disaster Committee!”

Monologue from Cry-Baby: The Musical

'Cry-Baby: The Musical' by Mark O’Donnell & Thomas Meehan

Type: Comedic

Gender: Male

From: Musicals

One Minute Monologue: One Minute Monologue

Age Range: 20's - Teens

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BALDWIN: Well, whadda ya know! It’s that special time of year again, here at the Maidenhead Country Club! It’s Safety Awareness Day! We all enjoyed the Anti-Polio Picnic this morning, and to top it all off, we’re very excited to be celebrating the Club’s brand new Atomic Age bomb shelter. Well done, Junior Disaster Committee! I’d like to remind the wait staff that in the event of a nuclear attack – the shelter is for members only. Anyhow, the Whiffles and I wish you a safe and aware Safety Awareness Day, and we hope you enjoy our little musical proffering.

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