‘Crazy, Stupid, Love’ (Cal)

CAL: I miss you, T. I got complacent, I think. You find your soulmate in high school… you’ve got the game sewed up in the first quarter, you know? I put in an effort when we were younger, didn’t I? I’d do anything to make you happy: take you miniature golfing, dancing — you were such a good dancer.

All I ever wanted to do was make you love me. And then you did, really early on. And we got married so young. And I guess… I got lazy. I got boring. And I’m furious at you for what you did. But I don’t totally blame you, if that makes any sense? (then) I shouldn’t have jumped out of the car. I should have fought for you. You fight for your soulmate. At least that’s what our thirteen- year-old tells me.

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