‘Can’t Hardly Wait’ (Preston): “You are not gonna believe what happened”

PRESTON: You are not gonna believe what happened. Matt Wachinski just called me. He said Mike Dexter broke up with Amanda Beckett at graduation! Amanda Beckett’s not supposed to be single!

This morning at graduation I told myself, move on. After four years of longing, she‘s still with Mike Dexter, they‘re never gonna break up, I should go on to college, meet someone who‘s right for me, forget all about Amanda until I see her at our reunion and she’s all fat and Mike’s bald. And then I’d tell my wife, “See that girl? I was madly in love with her in high school.” And my wife says, “that girl, really?” and we’d have a good laugh about it and that’s it. The end. It’s over.

The problem is that’s not what happened. Don’t you see? The planets have realigned and they’re like, waving me home! I mean, this party tonight might be my window of opportunity! Amanda Beckett is single.

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