‘Annie’ (Rooster): “This is gonna be the best bunco job ever, Aggie”

Monologues from Annie the Broadway Musical

'Annie' by Thomas Meehan

From: Musical

Type: Comedic

Character: Rooster

Gender: Male

Age Range: 20's | 30's

Summary: Rooster tells his sister, Aggie (Miss Hannigan), how great his plan to kidnap Annie.

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ROOSTER:  (More excited than he’s ever been) This is gonna be the best bunco job ever, Aggie. I know a guy outta jail who can doctor up a fake birth certificate or any other papers you want. But we need your help, Sis, for details about Annie that can help us pull this thing off.

But we gotta do it fast, Aggie. Give ‘em some of the old Rooster razzle-dazzle. In and out. Two-three minutes at the most. Get the money, get the kid and get the hell outta town.

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