‘American Graffiti’ (Laurie): “I asked you out, remember?”

LAURIE: You take me out? When we first met you didn’t have enough sense to take the garbage out… I asked you out, remember? Backwards Day — remember? If I had waited for you to ask me — even after that you didn’t call me for two weeks. You were scared. Dave Oboler told me. Then when you did ask me out you didn’t kiss me for three dates. I even asked my father why you hadn’t kissed me. He said he thought you were bright and you’d probably think of kissing me after a while. You didn’t, of course. I had to. Remember that picnic? Oh boy! You can’t remember anything — the first one, up at the lake. That was the first time you kissed me — I practically had to throw myself at you. (Laurie starts to cry, hating herself for it.) Go to hell.

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