‘American Graffiti’ (Joe): “Ya want to join the Pharaohs. Huh?”

AMERICAN GRAFFITI by George Lucas, Gloria Katz & Willard Huyck

From: Movie

Type: Comedic

Character: Joe, a hoodlum and the leader of the Pharaohs.

Gender: Male

Age Range: Late Teens | 20's

Summary: Joe attempts to recruit Curt into the Pharaohs as only he can.

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JOE: Listen, ah — Carl, I – Curt. Despite you scratching Gil’s car, I like you. And I know what you’d like more than anything right now. Like every guy in town, you got the same secret dream, right? Ya want to join the Pharaohs. Huh? You can admit it — you’d like to — but you never dreamed it could be possible, did you? Well, tonight, I’m goin’ to give you your chance. Now you got three choices. One, you chicken out. In that case, I let Ants tie you to the car and drag you around a little bit. And you don’t want that, right? Two, you foul up and Holstein hears you and well, ah… you don’t want that, right? Three, you are successful and you join the Pharaohs with a carcoat, and the blood initiation and all that, huh?

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