‘Adventureland’ (Joel): “With all these yuppies around, women aren’t gonna go near a poor guy”

Monologues from the Movie, Adventureland

'Adventureland' by Greg Mottola

From: Movie

Type: Dramedy

Character: Joel is 22, with curly reddish hair-brown hair, glasses and scraggly chin growth.

Gender: Male

Age Range: 20's

Summary: Joel finally tells James what he thinks about all his complaining.

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JOEL: James.  I’m not good-looking.  And I’m poor.  With all these yuppies around, women aren’t gonna go near a poor guy.  I know you think you’re really deprived because you didn’t go to Europe this summer. But you went to a better school than me, you don’t have to pay rent to your parents, you’re going off to Columbia f—ing University.  So, Margaret Mead, you’re stuck with us low-lifes for one summer, but you get to leave. I don’t even know if you even appreciate what you have?!  I mean, you’re chasing after Lisa P.?!  When Em’s right there!  This incredible, beautiful person is right f—ing there!  I mean, I can’t watch it…  I can’t be around it anymore… That’s why I quit. I can’t be around you two anymore.  I feel like a… hypocrite. F— this. F— everything.

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