‘Adventureland’ (Eric): “This trip changed me, Brennan”

Monologues from the Movie, Adventureland

'Adventureland' by Greg Mottola

From: Movie

Type: Comedic

Character: Eric is "unkempt and shaggy haired, yet radiates a casual air of privilege."

Gender: Male

Age Range: Late Teens | 20's

Summary: Eric tells his friends that he's had a relevation and now wants to join the establishment.

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ERIC: This trip changed me, Brennan. It was revelatory.  There I was, going from one incredible city to the next . . . the ruins, the cathedrals, the endless processions of art treasures. . . And I realized something.  (beat) Screw the old world.  I want the new world.  And I want it now.  Right now.

I saw myself, five, six years from now, still dicking around, trying to ‘find myself’.  But these are the years we can’t waste, Brennan.  We’re young, we’re vital.  Now’s my moment and I’m taking it.

I’m going to Harvard Business.  I’m in.  Strings were pulled, wheels greased, destiny’s been set in motion.

James, forget about the naive, utopian crap we used to talk about.  The world has changed.  It’s winner take-all.  The great minds, the great artists of our time are the entrepreneurs.  Society’s their canvass.  (leaning closer)  You’re a smart guy, Brennan.  If you remain passive, just bumble along like you always do, you’ll be on the sidelines.  You’ll just be commenting on the people who are doing.

So, did you finally get laid this summer or what?

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