‘Adventureland’ (Eric): “You still thinking about graduate school?”

Monologues from the Movie, Adventureland

'Adventureland' by Greg Mottola

From: Movie

Type: Comedic

Character: Eric is "unkempt and shaggy haired, yet radiates a casual air of privilege."

Gender: Male

Age Range: Late Teens | 20's

Summary: Eric tries to convince his friend, James, that he doesn't need ot go to graduate school.

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ERIC: You still thinking about graduate school? Total mistake. What do you need another degree for? Did Henry Miller need a degree? Or Samuel Beckett? Yeah, shut up, my point is – you don’t come from money.  Graduate school’s gonna require massive loans.  Three more years of school, then, what, a decade or two of paying them off?

Why not blow your brains out now? Take some time to picture the narrative of your life.  Needing it or wanting money is the fundamental trap of human kind.  Look, I want you to know you’ll be with me in spirit this summer.  Take this….

From a coat pocket, Eric produces a baggie that contains several thin, poorly-rolled joints.

Take it. You think you don’t like weed.  You will. Brennan, you’ll be with me!  In a few short months we’ll be in New York City.  We’ll be living the adventure together!

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