‘Adventureland’ (Em): Reveals Why She Hates Her Dad

EM: I don’t give a s— about the Melnicks and their f— pergola!  She can’t imagine that people might value something in this world other than money and the ugly s— that it buys!  I just can’t believe that’s who my dad would choose to be with!  (hesitantly) When my mom got sick – really sick– my dad suddenly started going to temple.  Like every night.  He was never serious about his faith.  But, you know, he was gonna buddy up to god, ask him to save my mother. (laughing bitterly)  But he wasn’t at temple.  He was actually having… relations with that creature.  My mom lost her hair because of chemo.  And my father started sleeping with a bald woman. (beat) F— weird.

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