Interview: The Team Behind Crackle’s ‘SuperMansion’ Discuss the Show, Stop-Motion Animation and the Voice Actors


Zeb Wells (The Amazing Spider-Man, Robot Chicken) and Matthew Senreich (Robot Chicken), the co-creators and executive producers of Crackle’s Emmy-nominated stop-motion animated series, SuperMansion, stopped by WonderCon to talk about the latest season of their hit show. Alongside director Nick Simotas (Back at the Barnyard), the trio talked about the voice cast, including Chris Pine, the long-hours it takes to finish just one episode and more!

I’m blown away Chris Pine’s voice for Dr. DeVizo.

Matthew Senreich: Chris Pine.

Zeb Wells: Isn’t that amazing?

What did you guys think when you heard that voice coming out?

Matthew Senreich: That was big for us.

Zeb Wells: I was furious. Yeah, he literally has everything. He should not be that good. He should’ve come in, stuttered around, and you can tell it was him.

But he came in now, for this season… his people gave us a call and said, “Well, Chris was wondering if he can be a regular on the show?” And we were, like, “Uh, yeah.” So, now he does at least three characters an episode.

Nick Simotas: And you won’t be able to tell which ones.

Zeb Wells: I guarantee you, yeah, you won’t be able to tell. He’s like a less attractive Harry Shearer.

Matthew Senreich: Well, what’s great about him is the only reason it worked out is he came in for Robot Chicken just to do a little Star Trek thing. And when he came in he was just going crazy with the voices and I was like, “Wow, this guy is unbelievable.”

And then when we started, and we were trying to find a villain, I was like, I told him. He’s like, “No. There’s no way.” And then when he saw it he was like, “Holy shit.” Again, it’s one of those things, do you have to be that good looking and this talented?

Zeb Wells: It’s not fair. It’s not fair to the rest of us.

Check out SuperMansion now on Crackle!

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