Lily Collins on Acting: “You Can Never Really Say That You’ve Reached Your Potential”


Talking to the Associated Press in a recent interview, 22-year-old actress Lily Collins spoke about landing her first acting gig, her acting philosophy and the Hollywood figure she most wants to work with.

“I auditioned a lot and got told no a lot,” recalled Collins, who first notable role was as a recurring character on The CW’s 90210 in 2009. “It made that one time I was told yes the first time that much better. I had learned a lot and I had grown.”

“I never really had an issue with critiquing myself,” she explained. “I like to look back and see what I did and how I can improve… As an actor or actress, you learn more all the time and you can never really say that you’ve reached your potential.”

She’s already starred alongside legendary actresses like Sandra Bullock (in The Blind Side) and Sigourney Weaver (in the upcoming Abduction), but Collins has her sights set on exchanging lines with one specific actress. “I would love to work with Meryl Streep,” she said. “She’s so inspirational. The work she’s done, she’s always someone very different and she embrace and embodies the characters to a ‘T.’ You almost don’t know it’s her because she just completely transforms.”

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