Kristen Wiig Thinks Her Biggest Break Was…


kristen-wiig-girl-most-likelyKristen Wiig can relate to her latest character’s struggles to land a break.  In Girl Most Likely, Wiig plays Imogene, a woman who fakes a suicide attempt to get back an ex-boyfriend.  While the comedienne hasn’t resulted to those kinds of antics, she does understand waiting for success.

English Conversation About A Celebr...
English Conversation About A Celebrity

“I guess most people would think [my biggest breakthrough]would be Bridesmaids, and some would think it would be SNL,” she said in an interview with IndieWire.  “But I think for me I would even go back to the Groundlings Theater in LA and getting into the main company, because it was the first time I had worked so hard to get this one thing and then it happened.  I remember getting that phone call when I got into the main company like it was yesterday.  It was the biggest, happiest moment.  It’s a lot of work, and it’s years of classes and shows and writing and being vulnerable and putting yourself out there and finding characters and improvising and being nervous and it’s a whole life.  When I got into the main company, that was really a big deal for me.”

Wiig has managed to cope with her newfound fame, but admitted that she still hasn’t gotten used to being a paparazzi target.  “It’s weird to be recognized and I don’t know if that weirdness will ever go away,” she confessed.  “I think it’s probably good it’s a strange thing.  Sometimes it’s hard, I’m not going to lie, but no one wants to hear someone talk about how hard it is to be recognized because then you just sound like an asshole.

“There is a privacy thing that sometimes is difficult because everyone has a camera.  Before camera phones, if someone just had a camera, they wouldn’t just take a picture of you because that’s weird, but now that everyone has a phone that has a camera for some reason it’s not weird to just do it from the other side of the room.  That sometimes can be difficult.”

Girl Most Likely is currently playing in theaters.

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