Josh Duhamel Returning to Roots on “All My Children”


Transformers: Dark of the Moon star Josh Duhamel will be returning to his roots, albeit briefly, on an upcoming episode of ABC soap opera All My Children. The 39-year-old will reprise his role as con artist Leo du Pres on the show, which gave him his first shot high-profile acting gig in 1999.

In a controversial move, ABC cancelled AMC in April, announcing that the daytime TV mainstay will air its last episode in September. Although it’s been on the network’s lineup since premiering in 1970, both AMC and fellow soap One Life to Live are being removed from ABC’s schedule to accommodate new shows directed at younger audiences.

Duhamel’s episode of AMC will likely air in August, as the series begins to wrap up its final storylines. Since his last appearance in 2002, Duhamel has gone onto fame and fortune, marrying pop princess Fergie and starring in films like the Transformers series, Life as We Know It and Win a Date with Tad Hamilton.

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