True Grit’s Hailee Steinfeld: “I just had this thought in my mind that [Mattie Ross] was me and nobody else but me”


Hailee Steinfeld, nominated for her role as Mattie Ross in True Grit, talked to Flaunt magazine about what it took to get her role.

On her audition: “It was huge. A lot of girls auditioned for it. I heard about it through my mom’s cousin. We went to my agent about it and she said the Coen brothers had already gone back to New York and it was down to three girls. But then I got a call to put together a tape and two days later I got called back to read with [the casting director]and then a month later with the Coen brothers.”

On her role as Mattie Ross: “Honestly, I feel like there were little signs along the way. I was really prepared for this. I was ready and I wanted it. There was something about [this story], I just had this thought in my mind that it was me and nobody else but me and I’d never felt that way before.”

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