Steve Zahn on Typecasting and Living in Kentucky


Steve Zahn is starring in the new film, Management, with Jennifer Aniston. The movie, which has been getting good reviews, is a romantic comedy the follows a couple from their chance meeting to a cross-country trek.


On Typecasting:

“People always ask, ‘Do you ever get pigeonholed?’ And yeah, of course, everybody does — and what a great thing to be pigeonholed in this business. But in the same breath it’s like, you know, this stoned sidekick which used to be funny is now sad.”

On his 35 years being an actor:

“It’s always been gradual, and there’s been a lot of valleys that people don’t really see. Where you’re like, ‘I gotta sell my car.’ You know what I mean? People just assume you own a small European country and have a posse of people.”

On his decision to move to Kentucky:

“I don’t think living in a city or reading certain magazines and keeping up on the Internet makes you a better actor. It might make you a better producer. I’m content with acting. I really find it challenging and fun. . . . It’s not like I’m lacking some entertainment or need some new challenges, like ‘I’m going to produce, direct and choreograph a musical that I’m writing!’ “

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