Watch: SAG Conversations with Elisabeth Moss


Happy birthday, Elisabeth Moss! The Handmaid’s Tale star turned 38 years old on July 24. While the Emmy and Golden Globe Award-winning actress has been predominantly known for her television work (including her long-running roles on The West Wing and Mad Men), she has also appeared in a number of films. These include some fascinating independent movies like Shirley, in which Moss portrays real-life horror and mystery writer Shirley Jackson in a film that depicts Jackson’s life as something out of a horror story itself.

English Conversation About A Celebr...
English Conversation About A Celebrity
To promote the film, Moss participated in a remote SAG-AFTRA Foundation Conversations that was moderated by Alison Wilmore of Vulture. Though it primarily focuses on Moss’ Shirley role, Moss also delves into her career’s recent successes and what challenges she still would like to overcome.

Check out the whole video above!

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