Paul Giamatti on Being a Supporting Actor: “Lots of times, it’s more interesting than the lead roles I get offered”

On supporting roles: "I have no idea how I've pulled it off" - Paul Giamatti

Barney’s Version just opened and Paul Giamatti is absolutely wonderful as Barney Parnofsky. His character ages 30 years as we watch him deal with 3 marriages, a career and a possible murder rap and not once does your mind wander. No wonder he’s up for a Golden Globe this weekend.

He talked to the AP recently about his good fortune and acting.

On supporting roles: “I have no idea how I’ve pulled it off. The luckiest thing that I’ve had happen to me is that, yeah, I’ve gotten to play lead roles in things, but the supporting stuff that I’ve been offered and gotten the opportunity to do has been so interesting. Lots of times, it’s more interesting than the lead roles I get offered.”

On his choice of characters: “Maybe I have a propensity to want to mess things up. I certainly would err on the side of being more interested in things being messy and messy characters or situations.”

On finding his character: “People are tricky, man. Life is tricky. Everything is a puzzle to figure out, in some way. If you want to get in there, it’s tricky.”

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