Can You Be Found?

Are you reachable? Do you really think that an industry professional will stay interested if they have to track you down?

Written by Amy Lyndon

Did you know that we live in a time where technology has almost rendered us unreachable? How do I know this? Well, try filling in for the people that work at The Lyndon Technique! Every time I take over the jobs of my associates – Michelle, Valerie and Justin – and call clients or potential clients back, it becomes an utter frustrating event.  And I thought calling the DMV was bad.

Are you reachable? Can you be found? Do you really think that an industry professional will stay interested if they have to track you down? How many job opportunities have you lost because you’re hard to reach? The problem with that question is that you have no idea. It’s hard enough to get opportunities in this business. Imagine if it was your agent, manager, producer, director or someone calling to book you.

I thought I’d compile a list of my eye opening experience when trying to call:

Mailbox full, sitting on hold listening to rap music, difficult to understand outgoing message, a wacky or ‘too cool for school’ outgoing message, a return call that’s garbled because of a bad connection, no message service, answering the call like you just got out of bed or are hung over, a child or someone in the house answering your phone and you’re nowhere to be found, a disconnected number with no forwarding number and a phone that picks up and then goes dead. I’m sure I’ve missed a couple, but you get the picture.

Your business begins at the front desk. Your phone and the way you answer the phone is the front desk. Whoever is at the “front desk” sets the first impression of your company. Make it easy on the people who need to get a hold of you. Run your business like a true business. Make people feel like they want to do business with you because you make their lives easier.

Here to help you guys. WHY? Because, I am YOU!

Amy Lyndon is the Founder and CEO of the Lyndon Technique, the 15 Guideline Map to Booking for actors at all levels. With over 20 years experience and clients at all levels of the industry, Amy provides insights found nowhere else. Jump start your career by downloading her totally free 4-Week Booking Kit at!

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