2 Things You Want To Know About Tilda Swinton

The actual title of the article is 13 Things You Want To Know About Tilda Swinton but only these two ...
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Have You Heard of "The Way"?

Have You Heard of “The Way”?

The Way or, “dream work”, is an acting technique using Jungian psychology in which actors study and play the characters ...
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Jared Harris: “I love getting into the character and being unrecognizable”

You’ve probably seen Jared Harris and not even know it. The son of Richard Harris, the character actor has appeared ...
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Book Review: Amy Lyndon's 'The 15 Guideline Map To Booking'

Book Review: Amy Lyndon’s ‘The 15 Guideline Map To Booking’

This is a solid, practical, concise guide on how to break down a scene ...
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How does John Goodman memorize lines?

John Goodman Talks Rehearsing and Learning Lines

"You just have to trust it — a lot more than I trust myself.” ...
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