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Interview: Hera Hilmar on ‘An Ordinary Man’, Auditioning and Working with Sir Ben Kingsley

Hilmar chats about working with Kingsley, the research she did for the film, getting her start in Iceland and her time at the London Academy of Dramatic Arts.

Interview: Richie Keen on ‘Fist Fight’and How He Transitioned from Actor to Director

"As an actor, I got so many things like, ‘He’s not cute enough.’ ‘He’s not tall enough, he’s not this enough. He’s great, we just went another way.’" - Director Richie Keen

Interview: Michael Xavier on ‘Sunset Boulevard’, Glenn Close and the Weirdest Thing That’s Happened On-Stage

"As an actor, I’m always trying to learn constantly. Always trying to hone my craft." - Michael Xavier

Director Jamie Torcellini on SDMT’s ‘The Producers’, its Cast and His Worst Audition Ever

Actor/Director Jamie Torcellini chats about the show and cast, his time as a young actor in New York City and his worst audition ever.

What Was James Corden’s Worst Audition Ever?

"I had a terrible audition once where I went in for a Dutch yogurt [commercial]," he started to tell the interviewer.

Jenny Jules on Her Broadway Debut in ‘The Crucible’, Working with the Cast and Keeping Her Voice in Shape

"The first preview for me is a really special performance because nobody else has seen it. And in comes the character that’s been missing from your production the whole time, which is the audience." - Jenny Jules

Tina Fey’s Worst Audition Ever

Backstage at The Tonight Show, Tina Fey talks about her worst audition ever. It doesn’t sound so bad to me… I’ve had worse. Way worse.