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Jesse Eisenberg Talks On-Set Improvising and His New Book, ‘Bream Gives Me Hiccups’

Jesse Eisenberg: "In acting, you can't really act on your own. That's the wonderful thing about writing; you can do it anywhere."

Emma Stone in Talks to Star in Broadway’s ‘Cabaret’… Again

With Michelle Williams set to depart her role of Sally Bowles in Broadway’s Cabaret on November 9, producers are in talks with Emma Stone to make her Broadway debut replacing her in the Roundabout Theater Company production until the musical is set to close on January 4, according to The New York Times. If this already sounds vaguely familiar, you’re not crazy. Stone was actually announced as the first choice to play the lead in the revival of the popular Sam Mendes/Rob Marshall production of the musical alongside Alan Cumming, who was awarded a Tony for his portrayal of the MC ... Read more

John Turturro Narrates a Scene from His New FIlm, ‘Fading Gigolo’

John Turturro narrates a sequence from his film, Fading Gigolo. The film, which written and directed by Turturro and stars Woody Allen, Sharon Stone and Sophia Vergara, is about how Turturro’s character falls into the becoming a gigolo, thanks to his “pimp”, played by Allen.  

Cate Blanchett on Choosing Good Roles and Why She Thinks Being “Peculiar-Looking” is Good for an Actor (video)

Cate Blanchett is already generating Oscar buzz for her role in Woody Allen‘s Blue Jasmine even though the film hasn’t been released in most markets.  But that’s pretty standard for Blanchett, who is generally praised in most films that she appears in (she’s been nominated for five Oscars and won one for The Aviator).  She spoke to The Hollywood Reporter about her role in the film and why she’s taken a slight step back from film in recent years. Most actors would love to know the secret to Blanchett’s ability to regularly pick roles in outstanding movies, but she insists ... Read more

How Actress Annie McNamara Got Her First Movie Role in Woody Allen’s ‘Blue Jasmine’

Many actors and actresses often have to wait years to work with Woody Allen, who is generally considered to be one of the top “actor’s directors” in film.  For example, Cate Blanchett starred in films for nearly twenty years before starring in Allen’s latest film, Blue Jasmine.  However, another star of Blue Jasmine, Annie McNamara, is an exception to that rule.  After all, Blue Jasmine is her first feature film. McNamara, who appears as Blanchett’s character’s friend in the film, is a member of Elevator Repair Service, a theater group that staged an eight-hour (!) adaptation of The Great Gatsby ... Read more

Cate Blanchett on Woody Allen’s Directing Method

In a summer filled with big blockbuster movies, Woody Allen is again making a splash with his latest film Blue Jasmine. Over opening weekend, it became the filmmaker’s highest-grossing debut at the box office. The new independent film seems to draw parallels to the Bernie Madoff scandal . The story revolves around a housewife’s life falling to pieces after her husband is arrested for his involvement in a ponzi-like scheme. The movie follows Cate Blanchett‘s character trying to rebuild a life that was nothing more than a house of cards. For actors who work with the quirky director, they know ... Read more

Alec Baldwin Gushes Over Cate Blanchett in ‘Blue Jasmine’ and Says He’s “Never Had a Good Time Making a Movie”

Coming on the heels of last week’s announcement by Mary-Louise Parker that she wants to quit acting, Alec Baldwin has echoed those feelings. “I’m 55 years old.  I don’t give a shit!  I’ve worked all I want to work for the last 33 years.  Do I do things I want to do?  Sometimes,” he said in an interview with The Independent.  “When you do this for 20, 25 years, you reach that point where you realize this is not the most important thing in your life.  If I work—great.  If I don’t—I’ll live.” Although Baldwin has built an impressive career ... Read more

Sally Hawkins on Working with Woody Allen in ‘Blue Jasmine’ and the Actresses She Studied to Perfect Her American Accent

Any moviegoer can tell you that a bad accent can ruin a film.  So Brit Sally Hawkins was determined to get her American accent perfect in Woody Allen’s new movie, Blue Jasmine. “I had a very clever accent coach, Carla Meyer, who has worked with Cate [Blanchett] before,” she said in an interview with The Wall Street Journal.  “I wanted to work as hard as I could, because there’s nothing worse than watching a film and worrying about an actor’s accent.  I [watched] greats like Julianne Moore, because she’s a wonderful actress and also her accent is a good neutral ... Read more

If He Could, Alec Baldwin Would Quit Acting

Alec Baldwin is constantly getting into trouble with his social media habits. He once got kicked off an airplane for refusing to stop his game of Words with Friends on his cellphone, and last week he went on a tirade against a journalist who said his wife was texting during James Gandolfini’s funeral. Baldwin is now claiming he will never turn his Twitter feed back on.

Louis C.K. on Getting Cast in Woody Allen’s ‘Blue Jasmine’: “I’ve been waiting for that e-mail my whole life”

For most actors, getting cast in a Woody Allen movie is something to be crossed off one's bucket list. However, when the cast list for Allen's next film -- which would eventually be titled Blue Jasmine -- was revealed, two unlikely names were on the list: comedians Andrew Dice Clay and Louis C.K.

Martin Landau on Working with Woody Allen and the Trouble with Writers: “They have all the characters speaking the same way”

Veteran actor Martin Landau, who voices a character in the new Frankenweenie, has some things to say about Woody Allen’s directing.

Jesse Eisenberg to Guest on Aaron Sorkin’s ‘The Newsroom’ Pilot

The Social Network star Jesse Eisenberg has inked a new deal to appear in Aaron Sorkin's upcoming HBO series The Newsroom.

Woody Allen’s ‘Bullets Over Broadway’ To Shoot Up a Broadway Theater in 2013

It was announced yesterday that producers Julian Schlossberg and Letty Aronson would bring Woody Allen's 1994 crime-comedy Bullets Over Broadway to... Broadway.

Greta Gerwig on Developing Acting Skills: “You get better at it, and you get more skilled at it, and more consistent, but it never feels safe”

Though Gerwig appears in Woody Allen's Nero Fiddled and Whit Stillman's Damsels in Distress in 2012, the actress spoke about why she took a role in such a small film and what she learns from appearing in independent films.

Owen Wilson Talks About ‘Midnight in Paris’ Success… Even Though He Thought the Plot Didn’t Work

Wilson says that he wasn't sold on the film's plot even if he wanted to work with Allen.

Trailer: Woody Allen’s ‘Midnight in Paris’ starring Rachel McAdams, Michael Sheen, Owen Wilson

Director: Woody Allen Cast: Kathy Bates, Adrien Brody, Carla Bruni, Marion Cotillard, Rachel McAdams, Michael Sheen, Owen Wilson