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Theatre Review: ‘An American in Paris’

Lovely and wonderful are two words that can best describe the touring production of 'An American in Paris'

Review: ‘Sense and Sensibility’ charms at The Old Globe

This gentle unfurling is tempered with the humor that comes from the misunderstandings and the comedy that comes from manners and busy body relatives.

San Diego Theatre Review: North Coast Rep’s ‘Unnecessary Farce’

Unnecessary Farce, North Coast Repertory Theatre’s latest offering, definitely lives up to the ‘Farce’ part of its title. It’s one big absurd situation after another and you’re pretty much guaranteed to laugh your socks, or kilt, off. The show, written by New York based actor Paul Slade Smith and directed by Matthew Wiener, takes place in a non-descript hotel room where two undercover cops (Christopher M. Williams and Jacque Wilke) wait to take down an embezzling mayor (Ted Barton) with the help of his account (Jessica John). In the room next door, the hidden cameras are in place and the ... Read more

Theater Review: ‘Othello’ at the Clarion Theater (NYC)

Several years ago I predicted that the Seeing Place Theater would outgrow its home in Hell’s Kitchen, Manhattan, and the group’s sixth season has proven me right. Of course, I’m not going to quit my day job and become a fortuneteller – anybody who has ever seen any of the Seeing Place’s high-quality productions over the last six seasons would have likely come to the same conclusion. While the Seeing Place’s previous space was just outside the Theater District, the Clarion Theatre (309 East 26th Street) is off the beaten path in terms of theatrical productions (the Seeing Place refers ... Read more

Review: MOXIE Theatre’s ‘Trouble in Mind’

One common thread that has run through every show I’ve seen at Moxie Theatre is their excellent casting. With their latest play, Alice Childress’ Trouble in Mind, that through line continues with a pair of powerhouse performances by Monique Gaffney and Ruff Yeager.

Broadway Review: MTC’s ‘Constellations’ Starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Ruth Wilson

The play comes in at a brisk 70-minutes (no intermission) but honestly it only feels about thirty. It's so fast yet so moving and funny that you'll be walking away wishing you could see it again.

Theater Review: ‘Enron’ at Moxie Theatre in San Diego

Lucy Prebble’s Enron, a satiric dramatization of the rise and fall of the now infamous Texas-based energy company, closed way too early when it ran on Broadway. I can see why. I’d think most people in the city for a night out want to escape reality and not want to a true account of greedy businessman getting one over on the American people. Hopefully though, as the show is performed at regional theater companies, like Moxie Theatre here in San Diego, it’ll finally get the audience it deserves. The story focuses on Jeffrey Skilling, who went from mid-level manager to ... Read more

Broadway Review: ‘Disgraced’ at the Lyceum Theatre

If you put an ex-Muslim lawyer, an African-American lawyer, a Jewish art curator, and a WASP artist who primary works with Islamic themes in her art together at a dinner party, mix with a few cocktails and professional stress, and then bring up religion and politics, well, you can guess what might transpire. Or maybe what transpires will surprise you, as in Ayad Akhtar‘s Disgraced, which is now running on Broadway at the Lyceum Theatre after successful runs in Chicago and Off-Broadway and Off West End. Amir (Hari Dhillon) is a highly successful New York City lawyer who changed his ... Read more

Broadway Review: ‘Holler If You Hear Me’

Holler If You Hear Me, the new Broadway musical based on the music of Tupac Shakur, has moments like the rapper himself: raw and electric. And when those moments happen, it’s truly exciting. But unfortunately, there aren’t enough of those moments here. Written by Todd Kreidler and directed by Kenny Leon (who just received a Tony Award for A Raisin in the Sun), Holler tells the story of ex-con John (Saul Williams), who comes back to the old neighborhood vowing to stay straight. But when his friends come looking for his help in the gang ravaged streets, he’s reluctantly drawn ... Read more

Theatre Review: ‘The Book of Mormon’ at the San Diego Civic Center

There are three types of people: those who’ve never seen The Book of Mormon but really want to; those who’ve seen it; and those who’ve seen it and want to see it again. Actually, there are four: those who never want to see it because it might be too offensive. We’ll just ignore those people because, quite frankly, they should be ignored. I fall into the ‘those who’ve seen it and want to see it again’ category. I was lucky enough to see the show with its original Broadway cast and was honestly skeptical that the new set of actors ... Read more

Review: ‘Dying City’ / ‘Two Rooms’ at the Sargent Theater (NYC)

In recent years The Seeing Place has been pairing plays by different playwrights with thematic similarities together in repertory. Through hard work and persistence they have been granted the rights to a number of acclaimed plays, and the current productions maintain that high quality of material – Christopher Shinn’s Dying City (nominated for the Pulitzer Prize in 2008) and Lee Blessing’s Two Rooms (named Best Play of the Year by Time Magazine in 1988). While in the past I’ve often been most impressed by The Seeing Place’s work with large ensembles, with Dying City and Two Rooms the company presents ... Read more

Paint It, Black: ‘Macbeth’ at the Vivian Beaumont Theater (NYC)

It's the production design of this Macbeth, which is somehow both opulent and plain, but altogether unique, that sets this version of 'Macbeth' apart.

Review: ‘Men In White’ at the Sargent Theatre (NYC)

The Seeing Place made an excellent choice in reviving Sidney Kingsley's hospital drama 'Men In White'

Review: ‘Cloven Tongues’ at The Wild Project (NYC)

Cloven Tongues runs at The Wild Project (195 East 3rd Street) through November 23.

Review: ‘Polanski Polanski’ at The Chain Theatre (NYC)

Grant Neale stars as Polanski during three distinct periods of Polanski’s life

Review: ‘Hamlet’ / ‘Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead’ at the Sargent Theater (NYC)

Brandon Walker's forte is emotionally conflicted, mentally troubled characters, and if that doesn't describe Hamlet's character I don't know what does.

Review: ‘Billy Elliott’: ‘He Could Be a Star’

Billy Elliot the Musical, currently playing in San Diego, features two wonderful performances from Rich Hebert and Mitchell Tobin.

Review: ‘The Thirteenth Commandment’ at the Bridge Theatre (NYC)

Without mentioning them all individually I have nothing but praise for each actor in the play because this is very much a group effort -- each part is significant.