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Ruth Wilson on Creating a Character, Accents and More

I create a workbook by which I go through and write down everything every other character says about my character, what I say about myself and others

Broadway Review: MTC’s ‘Constellations’ Starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Ruth Wilson

The play comes in at a brisk 70-minutes (no intermission) but honestly it only feels about thirty. It's so fast yet so moving and funny that you'll be walking away wishing you could see it again.

Ruth Wilson on Her ‘Luther’ Character, Alice: “She’s kind of very easy to play, weirdly”

Ruth Wilson has a great off-screen relationship with her co-star Idris Elba on the BBC drama, Luther. “It comes from the writing, it comes from us working with each other,” she said in an interview with Vulture.  “We really love the bantering.  It is a bit heightened and it is a bit stylized and Idris really enjoys that.” Wilson’s character, Alice Morgan, wasn’t always guaranteed to make a return to the series.  “You don’t know much about her, and she just drops in and out, so you want to keep it exciting and interesting without over-egging the pudding, if you ... Read more

Ruth Wilson on Her ‘Lone Ranger’ Role: “I had no expectation of getting it. I just put myself on tape and hoped for the best”

Considering Disney put a halt on pre-production of The Lone Ranger in 2011 because of its ballooning budget, it makes sense that the production would end up hiring lesser-known actors for the supporting roles. English actress Ruth Wilson plays the Ranger's love interest -- but the wife of his brother (played by Armie Hammer and James Badge Dale, respectively). She is best known for her appearances in BBC television movies and the series Luther.