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Watch: Josh Holloway’s ‘Lost’ Audition

Holloway's audition demonstrates the charm that worked so well for the character.

Interview: The Cast of USA’s ‘Colony’ Chat About the Upcoming Season

Josh Holloway, Sarah Wayne Callies, Amanda Righetti, Adrian Pasdar, Peter Jacobson and Tory Kittles chat about their characters and tweeting with the fans

How the ‘Lost’ Actors Got Their Roles

From Entertainment Weekly, May 14, 2010 issue: With pilot season well underway, ABC needed a finished show in about 12 weeks. JJ Abrams agreed to direct the pilot, and they began furiously writing placeholder audition scenes, just so the actors would have something to read. Bryan Burk (Exec Producer) The casting process was crazy. It was falling in love with people who were not at all what we had in mind for each role. Jorge Garcia was invited to come in after Abrams saw him on Curb Your Enthusiasm, and he would up with the tailor-made role of comical lottery ... Read more