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Jeff Daniels on ‘Godless’, Not Doing Research and Mixing Things Up in His Career

"Frank doesn’t know he’s in a Western, so I just tried to figure out what Frank was thinking and when he was thinking it" - Jeff Daniels on 'Godless'

Watch: SAG Conversations with Jeff Daniels

Daniels got his start on the stage and he has been appearing on Broadway stages since the late 1970s.

Michelle Williams on Her Tony-Nominated ‘Blackbird’ Role: “A 6 ½-page monologue! I didn’t know how or if I could do it”

"It’s the defining quality I look for when I’m choosing work: If I don’t know how to do it, that’s the hook - that’s what gets me excited" - Michelle Williams

Michelle Williams on Her Broadway Return in ‘Blackbird’: “This is the work of my dreams”

"I’ve been acting since I was twelve, and it’s thrilling to feel old bones stretch." - Michelle Williams on 'Blackbird'

Jeff Daniels Remembers a Terrible Audition for a Diane Keaton Movie

One actor that knows the ups and downs of the audition process is Jeff Daniels.

Jeff Daniels on Aaron Sorkin’s Dialogue and Working with Michael Fassbender in ‘Jobs’

"You’ve got to get those lines so embedded inside you that it’s second nature." - Jeff Daniels on working with Aaron Sorkin

Jeff Daniels on Playing Serious and Funny: “I made a career on range, so there’s the range. I couldn’t have planned it better”

Over twenty years ago, Jeff Daniels was on the phone with two agents who were telling him he was about to ruin his career as a dramatic actor by starring in the Farrelly brothers comedy Dumb & Dumber. Today, Daniels is more popular than he ever has been after starring on HBO’s The Newsroom (which he won an Emmy for) and a $36 million opening weekend for the long-awaited sequel to Dumb & Dumber. He spoke to Vulture about his five-decade acting career, his delayed success, and the trouble with aging gracefully into older roles. It would be understatement to ... Read more

Chris Messina on Acting in Television: “You have to be open to change and surprises”

While Chris Messina has been busy this season with the coupling of Mindy and Danny on The Mindy Project, there’s one other show fans can still catch him on, The Newsroom. The HBO show is coming back for a third and final season. Messina shared his thoughts to Vulture about the short run of the cable show. He said, “I don’t know. I actually think [short seasons] will be something we see a lot more of, like True Detective. There’s so much great television and I’m so behind, it’s kind of nice to not to be overwhelmed with the idea ... Read more

Jeff Daniels Praises Aaron Sorkin: “He writes scenes that you get to play and get your teeth into”

Jeff Daniels is somewhat enamored with his boss, creator/writer/executive producer Aaron Sorkin. The two are working together on HBO’s series, The Newsroom, where Daniels is able to recreate some of Sorkin’s best monologues.

Jeff Daniels on ‘Newsroom’ Criticism and Memorizing Sorkin’s Rapid-Pace Dialogue

Jeff Daniels, star of the Aaron Sorkin’s new HBO drama, The Newsroom, is quick to defend the show against the criticism that has appeared in the media and he thinks that any noise about the show is positive.

Newsroom’s Jeff Daniels: “We get a new play, basically, 90 pages every two weeks. And there is little to no rehearsal”

Actor Jeff Daniels has been making the rounds in promotion of his latest role in Aaron Sorkin's new hit HBO series, The Newsroom, that just managed to rake in 2.1 million viewers in its debut.

Jeff Daniels: Acting On Stage vs. Film

Jeff Daniels was nominated for a Tony Award for Leading Acting in a Play (God of Carnage). Although he didn’t win (that went to Geoffrey Rush), I’m sure it was still an honor just to be nominated. Right? Hello? Q: “God of Carnage” is full of actors recognized most for their work in other mediums. As an ensemble, how do you approach the stage? A: You’ve got four actors up there who are of film. We all know how to do it onstage, whether it’s projection, the vocal work and all that stuff. There is stagecraft in a Broadway house, ... Read more

Jeff Daniels: “As much as I try to create different characters, more often than not, I will be asked to play variations of myself”

Jeff Daniels is currently starring in the Broadway play, God Of Carnage (which I tried to see while I was in NYC but it was freakin sold out!). Here he answers some readers e-mails. From the NYTimes.com Do you think being nominated for the Tony will in any way influence you to do more on Broadway or elsewhere on the stage? — Megan Burnham Nomination or not, more theater was on my To-Do List. Kathleen and I left New York and moved back home to Michigan in 1986 to raise our family in a place we understood. While there, however, ... Read more