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Sterling K. Brown on Becoming an Actor: “You get bit, and you just keep chasing that”

"I was used to being 'that dude from that show, who got shot in that episode'" - Sterling K. Brown

Michelle Pfeiffer: “I’ve always had this feeling that one day they’re going to find out that I’m really a fraud”

"I still work pretty instinctually—it's a little bit like hearing the rhythm of the character in your head." - Michelle Pfeiffer

Patrick Stewart Relates Playing Charles Xavier in ‘Logan’ to His Earliest Days as an Actor

"I loved shifting from character to character, type to type, emotion to emotion." - Patrick Stewart on His Early Acting Career

Viggo Mortensen on His First Movie Role and Why It Didn’t Bring Him Instant Success

"I’ve always stuck to a similar approach with each job. Show up on time and prepared, and pay attention." - Viggo Mortensen

Interview: Fairly Legal’s Michael Trucco “The most important thing in developing my craft was learning the stage”

Michael Trucco on Battlestar Galactica, his new show, Fairly Legal and how he got started in acting!

‘Terriers’ Michael Raymond-James: “When I’m not working, I’m at the Actor’s Studio three times a week just because I need to be doing this”

Terriers' Michael Raymond-James talks about how he got his start, living with Donal Logue during filming and how 'Winston' the dog humped his leg.

Charlie McDermott on His First Big Break

Charlie McDermott is currently starring in ABC's The Middle and is great on the show. I also just saw him in the film, Morning, at the San Diego Film Festival and if you haven't seen him as the troubled son in Frozen River, you're missing out.

Lend Me A Tenor’s Mary Catherine Garrison Talks How She Got Her Start and Working With Such a Talented Cast

How did Lend Me A Tenor's Mary Catherine Garrison go from Grad School to Broadway in a couple months? Find out here!

Eric Bana Talks His Career Strategy and How He Got Started

From LATimes.com: How he got started: He knew he wanted to act but had no idea how to get into it, so he wound up performing stand-up. Discovered quickly, he worked on sketch comedy television shows in Australia. After a few years he started feeling burned out, just at the time he was offered the lead role in the drama “Chopper,” a film about Mark “Chopper” Read, a legendary criminal in Australia. His intense performance resounded thousands of miles away in Hollywood. On past roles: He likens his roles to tattoos: “They all leave a little bit behind.” On career ... Read more