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Taylor Kitsch Talks about ‘Lone Survivor’, ‘The Normal Heart’ and His ‘Friday Night Lights’ Audition

Taylor Kitsch will forever be known as Tim Riggins in the beloved TV series Friday Night Lights, but he has a big year ahead of him with two important films Lone Survivor and The Normal Heart. Lone Survivor follows four Navy SEALS who do their best to stay alive while on a mission in Afghanistan. Kitsch co-stars with Emile Hirsch, Mark Wahlberg and Ben Foster. The actors found the shoot to be an emotional experience. It was even tough to watch the final cut. The 32-year-old star said, “I broke down three times. You just hold all this energy in ... Read more

Connie Britton: “Sometimes my favorite directors are the ones I literally want to punch in the nose”

Connie Britton worried that there would be no coming back from playing Tami Taylor. After her name became attached to her beloved character on Friday Night Lights, Britton knew it would take something a little daring to avoid being typecast forever.