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Mandy Moore on Playing the Older Version of Her ‘This Is Us’ Character

"To me, it’s more about figuring out the fundamentals of who she is and bigger picture ideas of what she’s gone through" - Mandy Moore

Carey Mulligan on Pre-Show Rituals and Doing the One-Woman Show, ‘Girls & Boys’

"The subject matter didn’t frighten me as much as doing a one-woman show. I spend my whole career trying to forget I am being watched" - Carey Mulligan

James Marsden on ‘Westworld’ and the “Challenging Journey” It Gives Him as an Actor

"You do have to condition yourself to embrace the insanity" - James Marsden on 'Westworld'

Darren Criss on Typecasting: “Come on, guys, we’re actors”

"I've been lucky, I kind of fell ass backwards into the Ryan Murphy camp, which has been the gift that keeps on giving" - Darren Criss

How Does Michael B. Jordan Choose His Next Role? “You have to go with your instincts”

"Everybody's trying to push you and navigate you toward saying or taking a job that you may not feel 100 percent comfortable with." - Michael B. Jordan

How Josh Brolin Prepares for a Role

"You gather all of the information and look at it all, and panic, and then you start to slowly build this character." - Josh Brolin

Watch: SAG Conversations with Margot Robbie

Robbie talks about her role in 'I, Tonya' and goes into detail on her approach to playing the variety of characters she has brought to the screen.

Jeff Daniels’ Agents Tried to Stop Him from Doing ‘Dumb & Dumber’

"I would tell [my younger self] not to let the business kill the love for why you got into it." - Jeff Daniels' on Advice for Actors

Disney Channel Star Ross Lynch on Playing Jeffrey Dahmer: “Any decent actor knows you can’t judge the character you’re playing”

"I was a Disney kid forever and everyone liked to pigeonhole me as that – as people will tend to do – and then this comes along and completely changes my life." - Ross Lynch

Jodie Foster: “I do think I’m well-suited for things that are grounded. My mind works that way as an actor”

"I find it much more satisfying just to act because I love it and for no other reason. I want to trust my gut." - Jodie Foster

Casting Directors Share Their Do’s and Don’ts

Some Casting Directors Do's: Common Sense, Respect for the Space, and Leaving Props at Home

Michael C. Hall on Long-Term TV Roles: “You evolve with someone over time in a way that you can’t if you’re doing a stage play or a film”

"Inevitably, if you spend that much time playing the same character, you're going to get into ruts where you feel like you're tilling dead soil" - Michael C. Hall

Gillian Jacobs: “I’m not a rule-breaker, so for a long time I wondered why people cast me in these parts”

Jacobs talks about her rough experience as a student at Juilliard, how Community rekindled her love for acting, and how she's completely different than her character on Love.

Watch: SAG Conversations with Laurie Metcalf

Metcalf talks about her long career and the recent success that has come her way since her Oscar-nominated role in Lady Bird.

Krysten Ritter on Her Most Challenging Scenes and the “Science” of Arriving on Time

"If you don't have anything going on in your head, you're not interesting to watch" - Krysten Ritter

Benedict Cumberbatch on Playing an Addict in ‘Patrick Melrose’

"I'm wary of saying, 'Yes, it was so trying,' because all the best roles are." - Benedict Cumberbatch on Playing Patrick Melrose

Josh Brolin: “I’ve had every worst nightmare come true. In a good way, in hindsight”

"I always feel the pressure to perform, and to utilize my imagination, and whatever skill that I have." - Josh Brolin

Henry Winkler on His Early Years and Playing an Acting Teacher on ‘Barry’

"Acting is relaxation, concentration, and listening." - Henry Winkler

Alden Ehrenreich on Trying to “Absorb” Young Harrison Ford in the Early ‘Star Wars’ Films

Enrenreich speaks about what Ford told him about playing Han Solo and what he took from watching Ford's performance in the original films.

Giancarlo Esposito on How He Creates a Character

"I get a [blank] book for every character that I do, and start to write out what some of his traits might be" - Giancarlo Esposito on Creating a Character