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Theater Review: ‘Gidion’s Knot’ at the Clarion Theater (NYC)

Perhaps the goal of Gidion’s Knott can be summed up, as Corryn says during the play, “to search for something authentic in a field of bullshit.”

Theater Review: ‘Othello’ at the Clarion Theater (NYC)

Several years ago I predicted that the Seeing Place Theater would outgrow its home in Hell’s Kitchen, Manhattan, and the group’s sixth season has proven me right. Of course, I’m not going to quit my day job and become a fortuneteller – anybody who has ever seen any of the Seeing Place’s high-quality productions over the last six seasons would have likely come to the same conclusion. While the Seeing Place’s previous space was just outside the Theater District, the Clarion Theatre (309 East 26th Street) is off the beaten path in terms of theatrical productions (the Seeing Place refers ... Read more

Review: ‘Dying City’ / ‘Two Rooms’ at the Sargent Theater (NYC)

In recent years The Seeing Place has been pairing plays by different playwrights with thematic similarities together in repertory. Through hard work and persistence they have been granted the rights to a number of acclaimed plays, and the current productions maintain that high quality of material – Christopher Shinn’s Dying City (nominated for the Pulitzer Prize in 2008) and Lee Blessing’s Two Rooms (named Best Play of the Year by Time Magazine in 1988). While in the past I’ve often been most impressed by The Seeing Place’s work with large ensembles, with Dying City and Two Rooms the company presents ... Read more

Review: ‘Men In White’ at the Sargent Theatre (NYC)

The Seeing Place made an excellent choice in reviving Sidney Kingsley's hospital drama 'Men In White'

Review: ‘Hamlet’ / ‘Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead’ at the Sargent Theater (NYC)

Brandon Walker's forte is emotionally conflicted, mentally troubled characters, and if that doesn't describe Hamlet's character I don't know what does.

Review: ‘Love Song’ at the Sargent Theater (NYC)

New York City's The Seeing Place has constantly demonstrated that what it offers is versatility in its productions, but the only thing that never changes is the quality of the performance and the value of the ticket prices.

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