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Bill Hader on Becoming an Actor: “I was afraid of failing”

"When I went to the Sundance screening of The Skeleton Twins it was the first time I said, 'Wow, I'm an actor.'" - Bill Hader

Sterling K. Brown on Becoming an Actor: “You get bit, and you just keep chasing that”

"I was used to being 'that dude from that show, who got shot in that episode'" - Sterling K. Brown

Viggo Mortensen on How He Became an Actor

"It didn’t occur to me to try acting it until I was, for an actor, relatively pretty old — 22 or 23." - Viggo Mortensen

Frank Grillo on Being Typecast: “I welcome it”

"I hear actors pooh-pooh the idea... people might see them as a certain thing. I welcome it" - Frank Grillo on Typecasting

Owen Wilson on How He Started Acting, Trying “To Be Real” On-Screen and Choosing His Roles

"It's not enough just to be real; you have to try to make it interesting or entertaining" - Owen Wilson on Acting

How To Become An Actor

You want to learn how to become an actor? Join the club! Most everyone at one time or another has probably thought about becoming an actor. They watch their favorite shows and movies and think, “I can do that!” They think it’s easy and glamorous. But what most people don’t realize is that it’s a lot of hard work. It’s a huge amount of fun but yeah, it’s work! It takes a special kind of person to want to become an actor. They have to be determined, unafraid of rejection and willing to work hard to consistently get better at ... Read more

Greg Kinnear on ‘Thin Ice’ with Co-Star Alan Arkin: “I just basically steal from great actors like Alan”

It's hard to believe that actor Greg Kinnear, who is best known for his roles in Little Miss Sunshine and As Good As It Gets, has never had any type of professional training when it comes to acting